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  • The baseball world is still reeling after learning that Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs?died Monday at the age of 27.

    A mural honoring Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs has been painted in Venice Beach (AP)? Provided by Oath Inc. A mural honoring Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs has been painted in Venice Beach (AP)

    Since then,?tributes have been pouring in?from current and former teammates, respected opponents and legions of fans who were just as shocked and heartbroken as those closest to the beloved pitcher.

    On Thursday, another special tribute was shared by Skaggs’ former Little League teammate and current Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Ryan Sherriff.

    An unnamed artist painted this magnificent mural of Skaggs at Venice Beach.

    Skaggs, who grew up in nearby Woodland Hills, would have turned 28 on July 13.

    A Southlake Police Department statement revealed that Skaggs was found dead in his hotel room in Texas before Monday’s game against the Rangers. No other details surrounding his death have been released.

    The Tarrant County Medical Examiner told reporters that?an autopsy on Skaggs wouldn’t be completed until October. According to USA Today, Skaggs’ family requested the medical examiner withhold the autopsy information until that time.

    Monday's game was canceled as a result of the tragic news, but the series resumed on Tuesday. Skaggs was scheduled to be the Angels starter in Thursday’s series finale.

    On Wednesday, the Angels announced they will?wear a No. 45 patch in Skaggs’ honor?for the remainder of the season.

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